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Wooting 60HE

When you pre-order the Wooting 60HE, you’ll not only get an end-game keyboard; you’ll also join our journey with monthly video updates, bi-weekly livestreams, and discussions with our vibrant community. Your voice has an impact on the final result and steers the direction we take with software.

1298 founders went before you to help raise €255,129 within 30 days to make the Wooting 60HE a reality.

Now it’s your turn to join our journey. This is you with us challenging the industry. Let’s take control together.

Latest update
June 9, 2022

The Wooting 60HE founders’ campaign was completed at 340% funding after 30 days. Thank you all and see the update.

Regular pre-orders will be available starting Wednesday, 10 November 2021.

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Wooting 60HE

Take control

My movement is off… Perhaps my response is too slow… Or is my muscle memory slipping… stop - no more excuses. Take control with the Wooting 60HE and unleash the best in you.


Full motion analog


Master of input speed


Small form factor

Analog input unleashed

The Wooting 60HE detects full switch motion with 0.1mm accuracy from start to end. Every single key outputs an analog signal that can be used for numerous features that enhances your typing and gaming experience. There is no compromise to be made in what a regular ol’ keyboard might have to offer. Welcome to the future.

Built for performance

You need the fastest possible input delivered consistently without fail. Not just eye-blinding RGB and dissuasive promises. This is how we deliver you the fastest possible input.

Programmed for the fastest input
We built the keyboard firmware from the ground up, optimized for input speed. Turn on Tachyon mode to prioritize keyboard scanning over useless RGB effects. The 60HE will update every analog key position in less than 1ms, every 1ms.

Engineered without compromises
Traditional keyboards adhere to cost saving matrix scanning and hide the negative impact on input speed using dissuasive marketing. The Wooting 60HE reads the individual keys and parallel scans them for the lowest possible latency.

Input speed

Actuation point

Eliminate the slowest element in input latency; the initial key press travel before key activation. You have full control over your actuation point from 0.1 to 4.0mm.

Configurable per key in 0.1mm steps, you can customize each key towards your playstyle.

Rapid trigger

Eliminate the second slowest element in input latency; return key press travel before key deactivation. Rapid Trigger dynamically changes the actuation and deactivation point. Your keys will activate when you intend to press them and deactivate when you intend to let go.

You can repeat a key press mid motion without needing to surpass a fixed reset or actuation point for rapid presses.

Enhance your gameplay


Take control over analog steering and easily beat gamepad favored tracks. Analog keyboard is the new meta, you won’t need to retrain and switch from input device.


Get native double movement input straight from the Wooting 60HE without the latency from gamepad emulator software. In addition you can control your movement angle based on analog press depth without fiddling on a quirky joystick.


You are the quickest shot, if you’re the quickest to halt movement. Rapid trigger instantly deactivates your key when you intend to release and gives you immediate accuracy in tactical shooters.

Rocket League

You now have full access to fine-tuned manoeuvres with keyboard keys. In addition you still have true north, east, south, and west movement with incremental control - a cumbersome feat when using joysticks.


Leauge of legends

Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) open the doors to instant casting while still displaying the casting range. Slightly press the key for the casting range and fully press to cast. When you need to instantly cast, just quickly press the key.

Exploding view

1. Keycaps
2. Lekker switch
3. SGCC steel switch plate
4. Poron foam 4mm
5. Zinc anodized screws
6. Water resistant PCBA
7. Sound dampening foam
8. ABS Tray-mount case
9. Silicone pad feet
10. Nylon strap
11. Silicone attachment
12. Electroplated binding screw

Gateron x Lekker switch

A contactless magnet switch powered by Hall effect sensors. No metal leaf, pins, optics or other sensitive hardware that suffers from wear, tear, and particles. This survives the test of times and lasts millions of presses. Broke one? Just swap it out for a new one.

Its simple construction and quality build assures a frictionless linear press. There’s no bump, rub, or scratch. There’s just that linear smoothness.

Lekker switch
Key start force
Clicks lifespan
No audible feedback
Lekker switch
Key end force
0.1 - 4.0 mm
Actuation range
0.1 - 4.0 mm
Reset range
MX (cross)
Keycap stem
Side view 60 HE

Smooth typing experience

You don’t need to trade an incredible typing experience for cutting edge gaming performance. This is not your stereotypical gaming keyboard.

The pre-lubed super smooth Lekker switches, greased stabilizers, foam filled case, hardened steel switch plate, and slim design offer an incredibly satisfying typing experience. Don’t be surprised if your 60HE ends up in the office, study, or even a public environment. You’ll find excuses to type something.


Easy to use software

You won’t need to watch youtube tutorials to get started or break a nerve with the simplest task. The Wootility is simple to use and easy to master.

All stored on the keyboard

You don’t need software to run in the background. All the features work straight from the keyboard and all your settings are saved on the 8MB on-board memory.

Compatible with every OS

No matter if you use Windows, MacOS, or Linux; we support all operating systems.

Layers and smart shortcuts

Layers, functions, and smart solutions are all essential to reach peak productivity with minimal keyboard estate. The Wooting 60HE has 4 keyboard profiles with each 3 programmable layers. All accessible with function keys. You're not restricted to the standard mapping and can remap everything without limitations..

Remap - no limits

You can map each key however you see fit over multiple layers and profiles. You won't be forced to learn silly function layers with non-descriptive icons or live with mediocre arrow key solutions. You have full control over your productive workflow with remap.

Single press for arrow key, hold for modifier key. This is the power of mod-tap. Differentiate between a short and long press to uncover peak productivity.



Keycaps determine the look and feel of the keyboard. But they also decide the language layout, even when the keyboard underneath supports all languages. It’s not possible for us to support every language with the best possible keycaps, this is why we separate keycap options between ANSI and ISO layout.

Wooting double-shot PBT keycaps
High quality double-shot PBT keycaps with a clean design, pure color, shine-through, and all-round thick edges. This is the premier of Wooting doubleshot keycaps, once you own them, you’ll never look back. These are pre-installed and only available for ANSI layout keyboards.

Wooting ABS shine-through Keycaps
High quality ABS shine-through keycaps with Wooting’s signature design, icons, and backlight support. These are reliable keycaps that allow us to support multiple languages. These are not pre-installed and only available for ISO layout.

://blank double-shot PBT keycaps
Great quality for value double-shot PBT keycaps with a clean font, shine-through, and thick edges. These are alternative branded keycaps available as an add-on or not pre-installed for ISO - German layout.

Available languages

ANSI - United States
ISO - United Kingdom
ISO - German
ISO - Nordics
No keycaps

Universal Tray-mount

GeekHack’s greatest invention, copied by many, and now considered the universal standard for 60% keyboards. You can take out the 60HE module to install in 3rd party (aluminum) cases or install 3rd party 60% keyboards into the 60HE case. You can even make your own case or use no case at all. You’re in control.
60HE bottomcase

Recap the facts

<1ms latency

The fastest possible input.

Adjustable actuation point

Adjust each key’s actuation point to your preference.

Rapid Trigger

Instantly deactivate keys for the fastest response and key repeat.

8MB onboard Memory

All your settings are saved on the 60HE.

NKRO / No ghosts

Press all the keys. It will never skip a beat.

Spill resistant

Protected with a water resistant coating for those accidental spills.


605 gram / 1.33 pounds.


30.2 x 11.6 x 3.8 cm
11.89 x 4.53 x 1.5 inch.
6 degree.

Open for pre-order

After a successful founders' campaign regular pre-orders are now available. Stay updated through this project hub.
Keycap püller
Spare lekker switches
Braided USB cable
Pre-order today
4 Year warranty
Global shipping
International VAT support
Cancel anytime before shipment
Back flex

The Founders' Campaign ended

The founder’s campaign for the wooting 60HE lasted 30 days from 6 October  to 7 November 2021. 1298 founders supported the  Wooting 60HE by raising €255,129.  The founders that pre-ordered the Wooting 60HE during the founder’s campaign received special perks, including the excuse Discord role: 60HE - I was there.
Founder's & Signature Edition

During the campaign, there was the Founder's Edition and Signature Edition of the Wooting 60HE that included an additional:
- Free keyboard travel sleeve
- Exclusive leather strap


Founders' mark on the 60HE

Name on the box
Founders that purchased the Founder’s Edition and Signature Edition have a permanent mark on the packaging box with either their first name, last name, Discord handle, or anonymous.

Mark on the PCBA
The founders that bought the Signature Edition claimed a spot on the PCBA. Underneath each switch, you’ll find a unique graphic from one of the 58 Signature Edition founders. (Examples on left)

Stretch goals

The campaign smashed the initial €75,000 goal within 8 hours. Then it went through 2 additional stretch goals passing the €200,000. Thanks to the support of the founders.

Themed USB-C cable

A black with yellow USB-C cable to complete the Wooting 60HE theme. This new cable will replace the standard variant, a black with teal.


Optional themed keycaps

Inverse 5-sided dye-sublimated PBT keycaps in Take Control design. A separate product that can be purchased. Founders received an exclusive discount.


Project Timeline

July 2022

Est. Delivery

November 2020

Product design
Drawings, ideas, and lots of iterations. The product design process started.


April 2021

Mockup product design
A 3D print of the product case to review the initial design.


July 2021

Mockup prototype
A mockup case made of CNC plastic, lasered switch plate, and fast-lane circuit board to validate the mechanical and electronic design.


August 2021

Mold and Tooling
Mechanical designs approved and started on making the molds/tooling for mass production. T1/2/X indicate trial runs before the final mold is completed.


October 2021

Founders’ campaign
You with us, challenging the industry and founding the Wooting 60HE. Together with 1298 Founders we raised €255,129 and reached 340% funding. Thanks!


November 2021
October 2021

Engineering Validation Tests (EVT)
We will review a small amount of assembled Wooting 60HE units with a focus on the mechanics and electronics using the T1/2 molds.


December 2021

Design Validation Tests (DVT)
We will review a larger amount of assembled Wooting 60HE units using the final mold in the final packaging. These are also used for FCC/CE, drop tests, and other integrity/certification tests.


21st of March 2022
31st of March 2022

Production Validation Test (PVT)
We will review a partial (mass production) assembly of the Wooting 60HE. The last chance to prevent issues during mass production.


14th of May 2022

2nd Production Validation Test (PVT)
The mass production of the Wooting 60HE and preparations for cross ocean transport. Estimated production date is in Q2 2022.


2nd of June 2022

Mass Production (MP)
The mass production of the Wooting 60HE and preparations for cross ocean transport. Estimated production date is in Q2 2022.


July 2022

The shipment from our warehouse in the Netherlands and United States to your front door. Earliest estimated delivery is June, 2022 (air freight) and July, 2022 (sea freight).



Wooting 60HE - What you can do now
Wooting 60HE - What you can do now
June 9, 2022
Wooting 60HE were all picked up from the factory and on their way to the respective warehouses.
Mass production DONE mmmyeaahh!
Mass production DONE mmmyeaahh!
June 2, 2022
A moment to savior, the hard work and patience has paid off. Now it's heading towards our warehouses by Air and Sea freight for local and international distribution.
We're back on track to production
We're back on track to production
May 5, 2022
Mass production is estimated to finish on the 27th of May. This means the entire quantity will have finished production and we can start air/sea freight shipment from the Factory to Warehouse.
The volt regulator got us
The volt regulator got us
April 20, 2022
A supplier didn't deliver an IC part, the volt regulator, and the part is not in stock anywhere anymore. It's a common part, and we found an alternative brand. But, due to this being a different IC part brand, we need to validate this part with another sample and PVT run.
We have a proposal for you
We have a proposal for you
April 5, 2022
Future productions of the Wooting 60HE will run on a new MCU. We want to give you the option to choose between the current or the new MCU.
PVT has been pushed back!
PVT has been pushed back!
March 24, 2022
Wooting 60HE production validation tests (PVT) was planned on the 21st of March and Mass Production on the 8th of April. However...
Mass production date locked in?!
Mass production date locked in?!
February 11, 2022
Happy Chinese New Year (CNY) - though by the time this is published, the official CNY period is over (it stretches over multiple days). We had planned the Production Validation Test (PVT) before CNY, but we needed more time to round up all the details...
60HE Accessories
60HE Accessories
January 3, 2022
If you purchased the Founders or Signature Edition during the Founder’s Campaign, you will receive a leather strap and keyboard travel hard case. In addition, with the Signature edition...
DVT sample review
DVT sample review
December 22, 2021
We received the Wooting 60HE DVT samples, reviewed them, and shot a video. In the DVT phase, a very small amount of products are assembled with the final tooling and packaging. It's also when all...
Founders campaign ended
Founders campaign ended
November 6, 2021
The campaign came to an end with 340% funding, 1298 founders and raised €255,129. We’re absolutely thrilled with the result and are excited to continue the journey with you. We did it together!
200k Stretch goal - Unlocked & more
200k Stretch goal - Unlocked & more
November 2, 2021
We passed the 200,000 EUR stretch goal and now have well over the 1000 founders 🤩. And the campaign is still steaming full force. I’m exhilarated and thankful for the immense support for the campaign...
Video update - More voting, EVT & what's next?
Video update - More voting, EVT & what's next?
October 28, 2021
Here is the first video update. We’re thrilled with the progress, we’re already getting very close to the 200k stretch goal for the inverse 5-sided dye-sublimated keycaps...
125k in the pocket - now to the 200k!
125k in the pocket - now to the 200k!
October 21, 2021
Amazing, we already blew past the €125k stretch goal. Now everybody will receive a matching black with yellow colored USB-C cable. Now we're heading towards the €200k stretch goal which is....
Let's do stretch goals
Let's do stretch goals
October 12, 2021
I’m welcoming stretch goals. But not in the flavor of free stuff with the product. Instead, it’s “with this quantity, we can be less concerned about the MOQ” and “with this amount raised, it’s worth the time figuring out this thing”.
We did it. € 75,000 within 8 hours.
We did it. € 75,000 within 8 hours.
October 7, 2021
I can’t express how fortunate I and the team feels that we’ve reached 100% funding within 8 hours! That’s a new record for us. We’ve worked incredibly hard for this launch and built up towards this point for a long while. I need to give a lot of credit to my team members for creating such an awesome experience and bringing the Wooting 60HE to life.

About this project

Why we need your help

We took the initial step to develop the Wooting 60HE and invest in the required molds and tooling. We need your support to finance the mass production. It’s not possible for us to produce the Wooting 60HE in small quantities and the minimal order quantity is more than we can borrow from creditors. With your support, we can close the gap and get the wheel spinning. You are our greatest stakeholder.

Money well spent

We spend the earnings on what is necessary to run Wooting and deliver this great product. Here is a cost breakdown of where your money goes to.

Molds, tooling, engineering fees, product cost
Operations, payment processor and customer service
Software development and maintenance
Logistics and shipping fees
Wooting growth

Who are we?

We started as three gamers from the Netherlands that got fed up with the gaming stereotype and terrible customer communication by “gaming” companies. Now we’re a team of five and a great community challenging the industry.

We run Wooting with modern practices, open communication and transparency. At its core, it’s you with us challenging the industry and making impactful products. That’s why we crowdfunded our first product, the Wooting one, and keep the community at heart.
Currently, our mission is to make analog keyboards an industry standard. We strongly believe it's the next step and are doing our best to support further developments within the field.

team wooting

The business fish


The UX dude


The engineer guy


The art man


The code god

Frequently asked questions

What if we don’t reach the goal?
What are the risks involved?
What is your warranty policy?
Can I cancel my pre-order?
Do you deliver outside the EU and NA?
Is the Lekker switch compatible with other keycaps?
Will the Wooting 60HE be available for purchase once
the founders’ campaign ends?
Can I trust you to deliver?
I can’t fund or pledge, what other ways can I help?
Do you support my language?
Can I use other brand switches?
What is the shipping policy?


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