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October 28, 2021
Video update - More voting, EVT & what's next?


We’re thrilled with the progress, we’re already getting very close to the 200k stretch goal for the inverse 5-sided dye-sublimated keycaps. 

We need your help

We completed the first voting round for the keycap design. Black main and yellow accent color:

There is now another poll for different design iteration based on feedback:

You can also vote in Discord in the announcement channel.

Engineering Design Testing (EVT)

We received the EVT samples for a final mechanical check. We had already verified the electronics and most of the mechanical parts with previous samples. This keyboard body is T4, which means the 4th trial run bottom case plastic injection and switch plate stamping.

The major focus point for this check was adding a foam layer between the switch plate and pcba. We had to check this with a final build of the keyboard to make a decision. The conclusion for us was that it added more thonk by flattening some higher frequencies and lowered down the total volume (dB). Sound test is in the video. We decided to add it for the final.

Coming next

We’re now getting ready for the next phase, design validation test (DVT). This is where the surface etching and all design elements are finished to a near-to-final product. It’s also the phase in which all the FCC/CE certification happens, environmental tests, packaging drop tests, etc.

Even though we’re a few weeks early on the EVT phase, it doesn’t result in earlier production. There’s a lot of power outages in China, which means the factories only have limited access to electricity and have slower turnover. This already delayed the DVT phase by 2 weeks. This hasn’t affected our phases coming after DVT yet, but we’ll need to see if winter is coming with any surprises.

Help boost the campaign

We love communicating with you, but we’re terrible at broadcasting to new people. Marketing. If you want us to reach the stretch goal, share the campaign with everybody! Most people on Discord know about us from others, not an ad.

You have gaming buds. Let them know about the Wooting 60HE. You have co-workers. Let them know what’ll be coming to your desk. Or do you know an awesome tech/gaming YouTube that’d love our work? let them know we exist.

If you use Facebook, make a post. 
If you use twitter, share our

If you use TikTok, dance in front of the 60HE campaign page (I have absolutely no clue).


Calder Limmen
Co-founder and CEO
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