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November 6, 2021
Founders campaign ended

Order Hub:


The campaign came to an end with 340% funding, 1298 founders and raised €255,129. We’re absolutely thrilled with the result and are excited to continue the journey with you. We did it together!

The campaign pre-orders are now not available anymore and we will start with regular pre-orders on Wednesday 10 November 2021. During the regular pre-orders, your non-60HE friends will only be able to get the Standard Edition at retail price without the exclusive Discord role. Not to worry, because they’ll still join the journey and are able to join the rest with the first deliveries.

If you purchased the Signature Edition or Founder’s Edition, there is a deadline on the 10th of November 2021 for the Name on the Box and if applicable Mark on the PCB. 

Name on the box

You can now navigate to the Order Hub to double check your selection or stil change it to either: First name, Last name, Discord handle, or Anonymous.

Mark on the PCB

Erik reached out to you, if you didn’t reply to this email, make sure to follow it up as soon as possible. Otherwise, we’ll create something creative.

What’s next

We still have a few milestones ahead of us. You can review them all in the timeline sub-menu. We’re currently in the Design Validation Test (DVT) phase. We’re awaiting for the DVT keyboard samples to arrive with near final packaging and product. These units are also used for environmental tests, FCC/CE certifications, drop tests, etc.

We already passed several important preliminary tests. This will ensure we’ll have a smooth FCC/CE certification.

  • EMI: Electromagnetic Interference (the keyboard doesn’t interfere with other electronics).
  • ESD: Electromagnetic Discharge (discharge electronic charges from your body)
  • EFT: Electrical Fast Transient (Resistance against electrical pulses from reconnecting cables)

There’s a lot more to share, such as the travel sleeve and Wooting double-shot PBT keycaps. But that’s for another update.

Calder Limmen
Co-founder and CEO
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