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October 21, 2021
125k in the pocket - now to the 200k!

Amazing, we already blew past the €125k stretch goal and we're only halfway into the campaign. Now everybody will receive a matching black with yellow colored USB-C cable. Thank you for your support!

The next stretch goal is going to be a tough cookie, €200 000. We wanted to have something more unique and keep it within our “with this quantity, we can be less concerned about the MOQ” and “with this amount raised, it’s worth the time figuring out this thing” mindset.

That’s why the next stretch goal is:

200 000 EUR
(optional) Inverse 5-sided dye-sublimated PBT keycaps in Take Control design.

There’s a lot to uncover here. To start with, it’s not a free keyset. Instead, we’ll offer them at a heavy discount for founders (you, regardless of the edition you got). The reason is simple, it’s expensive to make and completely out of the sales price budget (read the previous update last heading).

When we reach the € 200k goal, there’s a greater chance for us to move enough quantity to cover the startup cost and justify the additional time required for the development.

To avoid creating a stress goal, we can’t guarantee to ship these keycaps at the same time as your 60HE. We don’t want this to delay or influence the 60HE development (that’s going very fast now!).

Take Control keycaps

We have two designs and need your help to vote on what direction to take. Keep in mind that it’s not the final design, but it does convey the overall design concept.

You can vote through Twitter and/or on Discord.

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When the votes are in, Erik will finalize the first draft design, and we’ll have our supplier start making a sample.

You can learn more about inverse dye-sublimation and keycaps on our blog.

pssst yellow stabilizers

Remember when I shared in the previous update that if we can find ways to improve the Wooting 60HE, we don’t need a stretch goal, we just do it. 

When we were brainstorming on further improvements, we also took a look at the stabilizer color (that is by default black). We might have a chance to also make these in the matching yellow color to further complete the keyboard. Stay tuned…



Calder Limmen
Co-founder and CEO
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