Lekker Switch Springs

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120x Linear non-magnetic springs for the Lekker switch. These springs are custom made by Wooting for Lekker switches. Unlike traditional switches, the Lekker switch requires a larger diameter and non-magnetic properties.


  • Linear50
  • Start: 30cN (gram force)
  • End: 50cN (gram force)
  • Linear actuation over 4mm

You will require tools to open the switch. While at it you can also lubricate them, check out:

  • ://blank switch toolkit
  • Wooting lube set


Lekker Linear50 Springs

Switch type Lekker switch
Material Non-magnetic Steel
Color Gray
Start cN 30
End cN 50

Package contains:

  • 120x Lekker Linear50 Springs

Minimal system requirements:

  • Lekker switch


Do I need special tools to replace the springs?

To replace the springs on your Lekker switch, you can use common switch pullers and openers. You do not require switch specific tools.

Will this fit other brand switches?

Other than Lekker switches, these can fit omnipoint switches.

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