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February 28, 2016
Calder Limmen

Wooting one FAQ

Last updated: 6 December, 2018

Q: Can I use the Wooting keyboard as a normal keyboard?

A: Every key on a Wooting keyboard is both a normal keyboard (digital input) and an analog input keyboard at the same time. There’s always 1 dedicated profile on a Wooting keyboard that’s solely a normal (digital) keyboard. You can quickly switch between the dedicated digital profile and other profiles with the “Mode” key.

Q: Are all keys Analog?

A: Yes, all keys on a Wooting keyboard have analog input and are configurable. The analog range is from 1.5 to 3.6mm.

Q: Can I change the actuation point?

A: Yes, you can change the actuation point anywhere between the 1.5 to 3.6mm.

Q: Does the Analog input work with all games?

A: Most games that support Xinput (Xbox controller) or Directinput (Generic controller) will also support analog input. However, some games such as Destiny, Assassin’s creed and Rainbow Six do not allow the use of 2 input devices (Keyboard, mouse and controller) at the same time.

Games that support the Wooting Analog SDK, natively support keyboard analog input.

Q: Is there a list of supported games?

A: Yes! However it relies on the community to update it. We are still working on a better solution.

Q: What is the difference between the Wooting one and two?

A: The Wooting one is our Tenkeyless (TKL / 80%) layout keyboard and the Wooting two is our Full-sized (FS / 100%) layout keyboard. The Wooting two uses USB type C to a regular USB-A connector and has a few minor design differences.

Q: What switch type should I use?

A: it's down to personal preference. You can test the popular CherryMX switches to get an idea what to expect from a Red, Blue or Black type switch. We recommend the Red and Black switch for the smoothest analog gaming experience. If you’re not too concerned about the analog input for gaming, we recommend Blue switches for satisfying “clicky” typing. Learn more...

Q: Can I buy Flaretech switches on their own?

A: The Flaretech switches are available for purchase on the Wooting official store. As of writing, they are in pre-order and come at a better price when purchased together with the Wooting two. Expected to deliver in November-December, 2018.

Q: Can I clean my Wooting keyboard?

A: Wooting keyboards are designed to easily take apart for cleaning, customizing and fixing. You don’t lose your warranty if you take the keyboard apart. We recommend you to follow our guide before taking apart the keyboard.

Q: How loud is a Wooting keyboard?

A: The Wooting one isn’t a silent keyboard, it’s still a mechanical keyboard. There are several DIY methods done by the community to silence the Wooting one. The Wooting two has a slightly more silent sound signature than the Wooting one.

Q: What place is safest to buy a Wooting from?

A: We will always support customers if they run into problems, regardless where it was bought, but we suggest buying directly from us on our official store for the best support and communication.

Q: Is the Wooting open source?

A: We intend to share and open-source everything we do whenever it makes sense in the big picture. Therefore, the Wooting developer portal is an open-source RGB and Analog SDK. This allows hobbyists and programmers to make their own applications or add compatibility to analog input.

Have more questions, feel free to ask on our Discord or email us to social@wooting.io.

Calder Limmen
Calder Limmen
Co-founder and CEO


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