Norris assures testing will work
September 2, 2016
Calder Limmen

The Chosen Wooting Beta Testers

It took a while to process but it has come to a conclusion. We've chosen 11 beta testers from over 320 applicants. That's a lot more than we had anticipated.Besides the actual application text itself, we evaluated them on communication skills, criticism, and creativity.We also took a look at how they plan to use and evaluate the beta keyboard (e.g. the one is entirely about mechanical keyboards, the other about simulation games). We kept one spot for the most creative applicant.Of course, we also choose a couple of testers from our private circle because we know exactly what to expect from them but they are in a minority.EDIT: 9 Sept. 2016 - In light of recent responses, I want to express our seriousness about beta testing. If you've read the above text carefully, you hopefully understand that we've Not chosen the testers merely based on creativity. Of the 11 beta testers, we've only reserved 1 spot for his creative application.The other chosen beta testers exist out of:

  • Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts
  • Simulator enthusiasts
  • E-sport professionals
  • Engineers
  • Nitpikkers

If you're not one of the 11 chosen testers; don't be disappointed. Your application didn't go in vain. You've given us courage and great amusement. Most of all, we got to know you. Hi!For the sake of privacy, we're leaving the identity of the Beta testers to the Beta testers for now. You might already know a couple and otherwise, they will come forward over time.Don't expect anything too explosive to happen just yet from the Beta. It's all informational right now and they have yet to receive their beta keyboards.Alright, now enjoy the most creative applicant and some honorable mentions (none of these are the Beta testers). I left it to 3 samples that show different angles but there are a lot of other good ones as well.

Most Creative:


honorable mentions:

A Long Meme:

[gallery size="full" ids="|By ocloudNine,|,|By ocloudNine"]

A Techy:

[caption id="attachment_1004" align="aligncenter" width="711"]

By Gigawipf ( should check his Yt:

By Gigawipf (should check his Yt:[/caption]

A Poem:

I am 100% your beta tester.Your keyboard, in my hands, will not fester.I have a few different, clean mechs.Of dirt or dust? I leave not a speck.I can run your board through its paces.I can use it to put tears on noob faces.Tight-lipped, NDA-bound, I'll stay.Loose-fingered bug reports sent your way.I will use your mech at home for games.I will use your mech at work and on planes.Please send along a Wooting One!I'd love to beta test this run.By <Has no nickname, so keeping anonymous>

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<3 Wooting,Calder, Erik and Jeroen

Calder Limmen
Calder Limmen
Co-founder and CEO


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