Instantly get double movement in Fortnite.
1. Download
Download and install the Wooting Double Movement application.
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2. In Fortnite
FN settingsFN settings
Disable WASD keyboard movement bindings and lock input method as mouse in Fortnite.
3. Enable Double movement
Double movement app
Enable double movement in Wooting double movement application. Enjoy Wooting movement and share this with your mates.

Most common issues and how to solve them.
Why we made it?
Epic (Fortnite) officially allows the use of 3rd party remapping software in competitive play. This means that double movement/controller movement in competitive play is not exclusively limited to Wooting keyboards anymore.

We’re happy for the Fortnite community - it was fun to ride the hype of exclusivity - but as gamers ourselves, we would also not agree with the situation.That said, we felt that all the available remapping tools are either a real hassle  to set up (Key2Xinput) or add significant input delay (reWASD).

To show our support and further our irrelevancy, we decided to make our own lightweight remapping tool for the Fortnite community that is easy to install, instantly gives double movement, and is safe to use (no ripshit).

It’s completely free and open source. Let us know if you’d like to see more features on our Discord #feed_us_back channel.
Frequently asked questions
Q. What is this tool?

Wooting Double Movement lets you instantly get double/controller movement in Fortnite without needing to tweak any settings, install drivers, or follow youtube instructions.

The default is set to the optimal angle that removes animation delay, retains maximum motion speed, and allows diagonal movement building. You don’t need to tweak or sweat over detailed and complicated settings.
Q. How does it work?

The tool transforms your WASD keyboard input into Xinput left joystick by emulating a Xbox controller using the open source device emulator ViGem.

It uses Rust for keyboard processing and ViGEm for controller emulation, with an Electron wrapper for the GUI.

For troubleshooting please our GitHub Wiki.
Q. Is it better than a Wooting keyboard?

The Wooting keyboards provide the fastest input, enables gradual movement by press depth, and can be plugged into any PC without additional software to get controller movement.

The main advantage of the application is that you won’t need a Wooting keyboard and it’s less likely to cause Xinput issues by circumventing the USB rabbit hole.The disadvantage of any remapping tool is that it introduces input delay, it’s often bannable in competitive play, and it’s PC-dependent.
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