Full-time Mechanical Engineer / Taiwan

Job description

A new product concept is in development, and you’re invited to give perspective on the mechanical challenges. When the product concept solidifies, you start brainstorm the mechanical structure in collaboration with the industrial designer. In close contact with the industrial designers and electronic engineer you will be challenged to create smarter or different solutions to create a cost efficient and affect mechanical build for the product. A solid idea and plan emerges.

You get started with the industrial designer to make a viable product that can be communicated to the manufacturer by the for prototyping. You closely collaborate with the industrial designers by giving feedback on mechanical solution and add these solutions to the 3D drawings up to the point that there is a workable 3D design. A lot of the design concepts are pre-tested with practical, hands-on methods, such as 3D printing.

During the valuation process with our partner manufacturer the team all play their part, and yours will be ensuring the integrity of the (mechanical) parts, materials, and assembly for the production process. You spot (material, mold, mechanical) issues, give feedback, and create solutions in collaboration with the project manager, industrial designer, and partner manufacturer. You’re pro-actively looking for issues and solve them before they can occur. No shortcuts.

The product goes into production, customers start using it, and feedback arises. You review the feedback, find possible reasons, and create solutions to prevent it from happening in future productions.

In the meanwhile you entertain and challenge yourself with new mechanical solution to our existing products or future products with the aim to improve its experience, innovate, lower cost, or train yourself.

You are in frequent contact with your colleagues in Taiwan including the industrial designers,  project manager, and electronics engineer. In addition, you are in contact with the CEO and CTO during product development and problem solving.

Taiwan office

Wooting’s Taiwan team currently consists of 3 people, growing towards 6 including you. There’re two industrial designers, a project manager, electronics engineer, and customer support. We are currently in search of an office location in Taichung for the industrial designers, electronics engineer, and you to closely collaborate. You will work together with the industrial designers to organizing the Taiwan office with all the tools you need as a mechanical engineer to be productive. The CEO and CTO are located in the Netherlands, your other colleagues are primarily located in Europe.

Relevant tools we use:

  • Virtual office for voice communication on Gather
  • General and project communications on Slack
  • Company Wiki, Project- , and task management on Notion
  • Email, cloud storage, and calendar with Google Workspace
  • Product 3D drawings are made with ProE/Creo, or Solidworks

Job details

  • Design and build the mechanical structure of our products from start to end.
    > Work closely with industrial designers to build enclosure, assembly, and mechanical solutions for product 3D drawings.
    > Review drawings revisions for their structural integrity, durability, and tolerances.
    > Simulate feasibility for mass production of product material, design, and mechanical solution.
    > Review product samples for their structural integrity (tolerances), detail, and (mold) quality.
    > Closely communicate with the industrial designers, electronic engineer, project manager, and manufacturing partner to solve problems and create solutions.
    > Create documents related to mechanical/engineering use
    > Review, recommend, and bring perspective to material compensation and choice for products.
  • Product research and development from a manufacturing and mechanical viewpoint.
  • Create 3D printed models to test ideas and structures.

Skill required

  • Bachelors or Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • At least 3 years of working experience within the field
  • Experience in bringing products from design to mass production
  • Experience working with different materials and production methods. (for example: plastic injection, extruding, and CNC)
  • Familiar with ProE/Creo, or Solidworks
  • English: Minimal intermediate Fluency (You can express yourself in English but sometimes make grammar and pronunciations errors)
  • Mandarin Chinese: Native (This is your mother tongue)

Optional skill:

  • Experience with any manufacturing software to simulate light bouncing, structural pressure, or injection flow.
  • Experience making consumer or industrial electronic products
  • Experience working with 3D printing/printers


  • Team communication, be critical - Don’t make assumptions, question every detail, and be to the point
  • Pro-active approach. Be ahead of potential issues and prepare for the worst-case scenario
  • Capable to work independently and take responsibility for the work you take on

Remote work/geographical

  • Located in or close to Taichung, Taiwan
  • Possibility to work from home if task allows
  • No fixed “must be in” office hours, you work as a team, and come together to collaborate
  • The CEO and CTO are located in The Netherlands (CET, Amsterdam local time). Your working hours are flexible but require at least 2 up to 4 hour overlap with the CEO and CTO. There are 2 mandatory slots on Monday and Thursday for team gatherings.

Salary and benefits

  • Full-time position
  • Salary start with NTD$70~ 80K, depending on prior work experience.
  • Budget for purchasing office equipment
  • Budget for working outside home
  • Up to 20 paid holidays per year
  • In communication with team and your own ability to keep up with work, you can freely arrange days off.

How to apply

請填寫下方表格。 對於 Cover Letter,請回答以下問題:

1. Wooting 吸引你的地方是什麼?
2. 請分享一個你最近引以為豪的項目. 這可以是工作或愛好項目。


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Full-time Mechanical Engineer / Taiwan

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